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1 December 2004

Hammer Price:

Three: Commander A. Williams, Royal Navy

Korea 1950-53 (Lieut. (L), R.N.) ; U.N. Korea, unnamed as issued; General Service 1962, 1 clasp, Malay Peninsula (Commander, R.N.), mounted as worn; together with a related set of three dress miniature medals, good very fine (6) £250-300

Commander A. Williams, B.Sc., is listed in the May 1951 Navy List as a Lieutenant (Electrical), serving on Mercury II, with seniority dating from 8 January 1948. In the April 1956 List he is shown as a Lieutenant Commander on Blackcap, with seniority dating from 8 January 1956. In the Spring 1965 List he is listed as a Commander (Electrical Engineering) on the aircraft carrier Centaur, with seniority dating from 30 June 1964. The Navy Lists of Spring 1971 and 1976 show him at the same rank, based on Daedalus and R.A.E. Farnborough respectively.