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1 December 2004

Hammer Price:

Lloyd’s Medal for Meritorious Services, 3rd type, silver (Captain Thomas O. Shaddick, of S.S. “Dorie”, 1st May 1917), in case of issue; together with Lloyds Award Certificate, on board, 39cm by 49cm, inscribed ‘This is to certify that the Corporation of Lloyds have bestowed Lloyds Medal for Meritorious services upon Captain Thomas O. Shaddick as an honorary acknowledgement of his extraordinary exertions on the occasion of the British Steamship “Dorie” being attacked by a German Submarine on the 1st May 1917. By order of the Committee of Lloyds, London 23rd May 1917’, the latter attractive and a scarce survival; medal extremely fine £400-500

Thomas Octavius Shaddick was born in Cardiff in 1876. Entering the Merchant Navy he was passed as 2nd Mate in 1901, 1st Mate in 1903 and Master in 1905. Shaddick was Master of the Dorie during 1917. The following is taken from the Minutes of the Lloyd’s of London Committee Meeting:

‘23rd May 1917. Read letter, dated 18th May from Mr Charles Wright enclosing a report of the Master of the S.S.
Dorie to his Owners, describing his encounter with an Enemy Submarine, and, how, after the Vessel was torpedoed and the Enemy Submarine sunk by an English Submarine, he and his Crew returned to their Vessel and brought her safely into Port.’

‘Decided - That Lloyd’s Medal for Meritorious Services be granted to the Captain and Chief Engineer (Captain T. O. Shaddick and Chief Engineer J. E. Swann), and that the attention of Underwriters be called to the good services rendered in bringing this Vessel into Port after she was seriously damaged by an enemy submarine.’

‘6th June 1917. With regard to the case of the
Dorie, which was before the Committee on 23rd May, when Lloyd’s Silver Medal for Meritorious Services was awarded to the Master and Chief Engineer, the Chairman reported that Messrs. Burdick Cook, the Shipowners, had received a telegram from their Newport (Mon.) Office to the following effect:

Dorie Captain Shaddick thoroughly recommends Chief Officer Fellingham be awarded Lloyd’s Silver Medal. He was on bridge when Vessel torpedoed and his prompt action saved steamer.” Decided - That Chief Officer Fellingham, of the Dorie, be awarded Lloyd’s Silver Medal for Meritorious Services.’ Sold with copied research.