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№ 779


1 December 2004

Hammer Price:

General Service 1918-62 (3), G.V.R. coinage head, 1 clasp, Southern Desert, Iraq (370357 A.C.2 C. Ellis, R.A.F.); 2 clasps, Iraq, N.W. Persia (4424 Hvldr. Govindaraju, Madras S.& M.); 2 clasps, Kurdistan, Iraq (4678 Sepoy Mehrab Gul, 126-Infantry) last worn, others very fine and better (3) £70-90

Ellis not entitled to the ‘Southern Desert, Iraq’ clasp, this fitted to the incorrect G.V.R. coinage head medal.

The first medal is confirmed as the correct issue with the verified Southern Desert, Iraq clasp