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1 December 2004

Hammer Price:

Seven: Stoker Petty Officer E. J. Whitwell, Royal Navy

Naval General Service 1915-62
, 1 clasp, Palestine 1936-1939 (K. 60935 S.P.O., R.N.); 1939-45 Star; Atlantic Star; Africa Star, clasp, North Africa 1942-43; Italy Star; War Medal 1939-45; Royal Navy L.S. & G.C., G.VI.R., 1st issue (K. 60935 S.P.O., H.M.S. Glowworm), mounted as worn, the first and last with contact marks, generally very fine or better (7) £180-220

The destroyer H.M.S. Glowworm was famously lost in her gallant clash with the mighty Admiral Hipper off Norway on 8 April 1940, her skipper, Lieutenant-Commander G. B. Roope, R.N., being awarded a posthumous V.C.

In addition to his L.S. & G.C. Medal, it seems probable that Whitwell was also awarded his Naval General Service Meda for services aboard the Glowworm, for she was present in that theatre of operations as part of the First Destroyer Flotilla 1937-38. He is not, however, listed as a casualty or P.O.W. for the 1939-45 War, so undoubtedly he had moved on to a new ship prior to that fateful day off Norway in April 1940.