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1 December 2004

Hammer Price:

Five: Chief Stoker W. E. Chamberlain, Royal Navy

1914-15 Star
(310522 S.P.O., R.N.); British War and Victory Medals (310522 S.P.O., R.N.); Royal Navy L.S. & G.C., G.V.R., 2nd issue, fixed suspension (310522 S.P.O., H.M.M.L. 291), together with related Marine Society Merit Medal, silver, the reverse engraved, ‘W. E. Chamberlain, 19 Nov. 1929’, the second with slightly bent suspension carriage, contact marks and edge bruising, otherwise good fine, the fourth with edge cut over ship’s name, otherwise generally about very fine or better (5) £60-80

William Ernest Chamberlain was born in Bristol, Gloucestershire in July 1888 and entered the Royal Navy as a Stoker 2nd Class in August 1906. A Stoker Petty Officer by the outbreak of hostilities in August 1914, he saw active service in H.M.S. Europa in the Mediterranean and afterwards was employed in a succession of minelayers, 1916-18, the Angora, Biarritz and Perditta among them. Chamberlain was awarded his L.S. & G.C. Medal while attached to Coastal Forces in December 1921, advanced to Chief Stoker in January 1924 and pensioned ashore in October 1928, when he enrolled in the Royal Fleet Reserve.