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№ 1321


7 October 2004

Hammer Price:

Middlesex [incorporating London], Central London, City road, Thomas Hall, Pennies, 1795 (5), obvs. quadrupeds, lutwyche edge, 18.12g/3h (DH 25); deformed dwarf (2), lutwyche edge, 16.52g/6h (DH 26), we promise edge, 19.33g/12h (DH 26a); negress (2), lutwyche edge, 17.67g/6h (DH 27), we promise edge, 19.41g/12h (DH 28); Lutwyche’s Masonic Penny, 1795, 17.84g/6h (DH 33) [6]. DH 25 about extremely fine and patinated, DH 27 and 33 good very fine, others about very fine or better but rather scuffed (£80-100)

All Fawcett/Litman Collection.

Thomas Hall, 10 City road, taxidermist and curiosity dealer, who was followed in the business by his son, also Thomas (1780-1838). DH 25 only illustrated; this is believed to depict the first numismatic representation of a kangaroo