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7 October 2004

Hammer Price:

Charles II (1660-1685), Milled coinage, Restoration Medal [formerly known as a Pattern Broad], 1660, by T. Simon, in silver, laureate bust right, wearing Garter badge over armour, hair falling over shoulder, rev. crowned shield of arms, magna opera domini, edge plain, 8.52g/6h (Lessen, BNJ 1995, type B, and pl.10, 4, same dies; N 2776; MI I, 463/59; cf. DNW 34, 521). Good very fine and attractively toned, rare (£350-500)

Lessen argues convincingly that all the 1660 pieces previously known as pattern broads are correctly medals, made probably to commemorate the Restoration but not necessarily in the Restoration year of 1660 (BNJ 1995, pp.156-7)