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№ 70


7 October 2004

Hammer Price:

Charles I (1625-1649), Tower mint, Halfgroat, Gp D, mm. triangle (over anchor to right), 0.95g/7h (N 2257; S 2816); Pennies (2), both Gp D, no mm, with and without cr by shield, 0.44g/9h, 0.44g/10h (N 2267-8: S 2831-2); Halfpenny, 0.20g (N 2274; S 2837) [4]. Last fine, others very fine or better (£100-120)

This lot was sold as part of a special collection, The Norwich Collection.

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First bt R. August August 1977
Second bt S. Harvey February 1983
Third bt A.G. Malloy November 1975
Fourth bt September 1971