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17 September 2004

Hammer Price:

Six: Gunner J. T. Rudd, Maritime R.A.

1939-45 Star; Italy Star; Burma Star; France and Germany Star; Defence and War Medals,
good very fine and better (6) £80-100

James Thomas Rudd, who was born in April 1920, enlisted in the Royal Artillery at Brownhill in June 1940. Judging by entries contained in his Soldier’s Service and Pay Book, he would appear to have commenced training as a D.E.M.S. Gunner in August 1943, and to have been a member of 3rd Regiment, Maritime R.A. thereafter. Other accompanying documentation reveals that he was serving aboard the S.S. Empire Tristram from 1943-44, and was possibly therefore present when she was damaged by a flying bomb in Commercial Docks, London in late June 1944. By January 1945 he had transferred to the S.S. Samtredy and was serving in the Indian Ocean.

Sold with a quantity of original documentation and photographs, including the recipient’s Soldier’s Service and Pay Book, with several entries for D.E.M.S.-related training courses 1943-45; Soldier’s Release Book, dated at Inkermann Barracks, 13 June 1946; Maritime R.A. 1939-45 War certificate of service; a copy of
Instructions for Seagoing Other Ranks of the Maritime Royal Artillery; several shore passes, among them a Tyne Dock Police pass, dated 17 September 1943, giving the recipient’s ship as the S.S. Empire Tristram and an Alexandria Port Police shore leave pass, with portrait photograph, dated March 1944, and also stating the recipient’s ship as the S.S. Empire Tristram; British Legion and R.A. Association membership cards, the former for the Kingsbridge, Devon branch, with entries for the period 1946-52; together with cloth Maritime R.A. uniform insignia, tunic medal ribands, showing entitlement to the ‘Atlantic’ clasp to his France and Germany Star and I.D. discs (3).