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6 July 2004

Hammer Price:

Indonesia, Star of Kartika (3), 1st Class neck badge, 55mm.; 2nd Class breast badge, 43mm.; 3rd Class breast badge, 43mm., each silver and gilt base metal and enamel, all with ribbon, enamel damage to 2nd Class; Star of Jalesena (3), 1st Class neck badge, 51mm., gilt base metal, on 2nd class ribbon; 2nd Class breast badge, 51mm., silver and gilt base metal, on miniature 3rd class ribbon; 3rd Class breast badge, 51mm., silver base metal, with ribbon, good very fine and better (6) £120-160

The Star of Kartika was a three class army award instituted in 1968. The Star of Jalasena was a three class navy award instituted in 1968.