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№ 518


30 June 1994

Hammer Price:

A rare Afghanistan casualty pair to Private John McKenzie, 92nd Highlanders

AFGHANISTAN 1878-80, 3 clasps, Charasia, Kabul, Kandahar (1370 Pte. 92nd Hights.); KABUL To KANDAHAR STAR 1880 (1370 Private, 92nd Highlanders) small official correction to regimen/al number on first, otherwise good very fine (2)

Private John McKenzie was killed in action at the battle of Kandahar on 1 September 1880 having received a gunshot wound in the abdomen. In the crowning defeat of the enemy at Kandahar, the regiment, as one of the two leading battalions in the right attack, played a conspicuous part, being engaged in the successive captures of the villages of Gandi Mullah Sahibdad, and Pit Paimal, and finally carrying at the point of the bayonet the entrenched position on which the enemy had taken up their last stand. The regiment's casualties on this day numbered 14 non-commissioned officers and men killed, and 2 officers and 70 non-commissioned officers and men wounded.