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30 June 1994

Hammer Price:

Three: Brigade Surgeon E.L. Low, Army Medical Department

CHINA 1857-60, no clasp (Asst. Surgn., H.M.S. Centurion); ASHANTEE 1873-74, no clasp (Surgn. Major, M.B. 1873-4) the letter 'E'has been neatly erased from the end of his surname on this; AFGHANISTAN 1878-80, 3 clasps, Peiwar Kotal, Charasia, Kabul (Sur. Majr., F/A. R.H.A.) mounted on a Hunt & Roskell triple buckle for wearing, nearly very fine or better (3)

Edward Litton Low received a diploma for Surgery from Edinburgh College of Surgeons in 1855, and a Medical Degree from the University of Dublin. He served as Assistant Surgeon in the Royal Navy and was present at the operations in China 1860-61. He served with the Army Medical Department in the Ashantee campaign and in Afghanistan 1878-80. In this latter war he served uninterruptedly during both campaigns, from 21 November 1878, until 23 January 1880, in Medical Charge of F/A, Royal Horse Artillery, taking part in the assault and capture of the Peiwar Kotal, the advance over the Shurargarden Pass, the action of Charasia, the action of Killa Kazi, and the subsequent operations around Kabul and the defence of Sherpur in December 1879. At the action at Killa Kazi four guns of the Battery had to be temporarily abandoned and when recovery was later possible, Low was the only officer of the Battery present. He retired in 1882 as Honorary Brigade Surgeon.