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6 July 2004

Hammer Price:

1914-15 Star (12) (No. 74 Syce Bhurai, 12/Cav.; No. 2668 K.D./Muhd. Akbar Khan, 38/C.I. Horse; No. 1532 Sepoy Ghulam Mohd., 1/22/Punjabis; No. 2292 Sepoy Ghulam Mohd., 46/Punjabis; No.1641 Sepoy Mohd. Zaman, 62/Punjabis; No. 2022 Sepoy Mohd. Sadiq, 1/72/Punjabis; No. 1507 Sepoy Imam Din, 1/89/Punjabis; No. 30 Gnr. Gull Hussain, Ftr, Garr. Arty.; No. 741 Gnr. Ali Shah, No.2/Mtn. Bty. R.G.A.; No. 857 Dvr. Faquir Ullah, 21/Mule Corps; No. 729 Dvr. Raj Wali, 23/Mule Corps; No. 2122 Dvr. Mardana, 33/Mule Corps) fine and better (12) £130-160

1532 Sepoy Ghulam Muhammad, 1st Battalion 22nd Punjabis, died in Mesopotamia on 14 February 1916. His name is commemorated on the Basra Memorial.