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№ 1379


30 June 2004

Hammer Price:

Archery, Grand National Archery Meeting, a silver award medal by B. Wyon, diademed head of Apollo left, bow behind, rev. target and arrows encircled by wreath, edge named (Greatest No. of Hits at 80 Yds, Rev. I. Taylor), 38mm, bar suspender with clasp Leamington 1852 (BDM VIII, 295); Toxophilite Society, a silver award medal, unsigned, arms, rev. wreath, engraved (Civil Service against the Society, 3 Members each side, 19th April 1856), edge named (Sidney G.R. Strong, R.T.S.), 34mm [2]. Very fine or better, first toned, second with scroll suspender and flêche pin; both with ribbons (£50-70)

This lot was sold as part of a special collection, British Medals from the Collection of James Spencer.

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