Historical and Art Medals

Historical and Art Medals

Victoria, Golden Jubilee, 1887, a gold medal by L.C. Wyon

Hammer Price: £7,500


The experts in our Historical & Art Medals department are adept at appraising and valuing all types of medals, whether commemorative of an historical event or a prize medal rewarding past endeavours. Recently sold lots include a silver medal commemorating the Devon landing of William of Orange in 1688, a winner’s medal from the London Olympic Games in 1908 and a bronze medal celebrating Admiral Vernon’s capture of Porto Bello in 1739. Each medal has an interesting story to tell.

Our regular monthly sales generally include historical and art medals, typically featuring a range of British and World medals of all shapes, sizes and periods, right up to the present day. Over the years we have sold medals from many important private collections.

24 May 2022

Coins and Historical Medals

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15 June 2022

Coins and Historical Medals

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12 & 13 July 2022

Coins, Historical Medals and Antiquities

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12 April 2022

British and World Coins, Historical Medals

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8 & 9 March 2022

Coins, Tokens and Historical Medals

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3 March 2022

Irish Coins, Tokens and Historical Medals

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Peter Preston-Morley

Head of Coin Department

Tim Wilkes

Coin Specialist

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Steadily, over the years, we've brought together an international community of people who share our particular passion. As recognised experts, with a vast store of freely available in-house knowledge and experience, we've earned the trust of buyers across the globe.

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