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9 March 2023

Hammer Price:

The Haconby Celtic Fertility Figure

Celtic, A bronze male nude figure, 1st century AD, 5.5cm high by 1.2cm wide; oval-shaped face with lentoid eyes, long straight nose, slit mouth and small protruding ears; the narrow torso has angled shoulders with the left arm held against the chest holding a small purse; the right hand is extended downwards holding an enlarged phallus which is hinged for movement; the straight legs are merged together; behind the head is a loop, while the back is concave. Very fine with a smooth brown patina £800-£1,200

Found at Haconby in Lincolnshire

This unique figure probably represents a Celticized Mercury who was regarded as a fertility god by the Celts. The hinged oversized phallus appears to be a unique feature, which may have served as a locking mechanism as a buckle to hold a belt and scabbard for a sword.