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№ 1577


11 October 2021

Hammer Price:

A superb and complete set of the Numismatic Chronicle and related publications, 1836 to 1910:

Akerman, J.Y. (ed), Proceedings of the Numismatic Society, 1836-38, 1838-45, London, 439 + 117 + 43pp, bound in 2 vols, latter with 16 ALSs to John Field bound chronologically in the back, from John Williams, Francis Hobler, John Yonge Akerman, Alfred Stothard, Benjamin Nightingale, Charles Roach Smith and John Brodribb Bergne, July 1838 to January 1845; Akerman, J.Y. (ed), The Numismatic Journal, vols. I and II (1836/37, 1837/38), London, 1837-8, latter with pedigrees of Simon’s Petition Crowns, 5pp, probably in the hand of J.B. Bergne, bound in the back; Akerman, J.Y. and Vaux, W.S.W. (eds), The Numismatic Chronicle, 1st [Old] series, vols. I-XX complete (1838-58), London, 1839-59, bound in 10 vols; Vaux, W.S.W., and others (eds), The Numismatic Chronicle, 2nd [New] series, vols. I-XX complete (1861-80), London, 1861-80, bound in 10 vols, vol X with 8pp ALS from C.E. Lefroy to Jonathan Rashleigh, 21 May 1888, concerning the Crondal Hoard; Evans, J, and others (eds), The Numismatic Chronicle, 3rd series, vols. I-XX complete (1881-1900), London, 1881-1900, bound in 12 vols; Evans, J, and others (eds), The Numismatic Chronicle, 4th series, vols. I-X complete (1901-10), London, 1901-10, bound in 10 vols [Lot]. All pre-1901 volumes uniformly bound in half leather and boards, ribbed and gilt spines, most of the Old series bound at the Operative Jewish Concerts’ Institution, Bethnal Green; 4th series volumes with mismatched bindings and 1909 with front cover detached, contents throughout complete and very clean, some pages uncut; an exceptional set £3,000-£5,000

Provenance: Ex libris Jonathan Rashleigh [early volumes gifted to him by W. Stuart, Christmas 1848]; pre-1886 sequence ex libris William Brice/Hyman Montagu, Sotheby Auction, 7-12 May 1888, lot 798 (£35 10s); ex libris Christopher Blunt, with appropriate bookplates; ex libris Quentin Archer.

For a sobering present-day price comparison, two 1839 pattern £5 pieces, sold in the same auction and on the same day as the majority of volumes in this set in 1888, brought £26 10s and £28 5s respectively.

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