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7 & 8 September 2021

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№ 1567


8 September 2021

Hammer Price:

Tudor, a 16th century silver Vervel or Hawking Ring, 20mm, by 10mm by 1mm, circular, with internal diameter of 6mm attached below to a shield-shaped pendant 12mm deep, engraved on both sides; on the obverse is a demi-falcon with wings expanded above a ducal coronet with central fleur, on the reverse are the letters h ierne gan arranged in three lines. In very fine condition with all detailing clear £800-£1,000

Provenance: From an East Anglian private collection.

The crest represents the Jernigan family of Norman descent, based in Norfolk and Suffolk. Sir Henry Jernigan (†1571) was a courtier and master of horse to Queen Mary and was granted the manor of Cossey in 1557. In Tudor times the sport of falconry was regarded as the sport of royalty; the vervel was tied onto the jess which was used to tether a bird