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Sold on 24 February 2016

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A Collection of Medals to the Gloucestershire Regiment (28th and 61st Foot)


№ 525


24 February 2016

Hammer Price:

28th (North Gloucestershire) Regiment & The Gloucestershire Regiment Back Badges and Buttons, comprising a heavy die cast silver coloured metal official copy of the first pattern back badge worn by the 28th, of diamond section featuring the Sphinx over ‘28’, an other ranks die stamped brass example of oval rope edged form with ‘28’ in the centre (original soldered lugs), an officer’s very rare gilt metal example for the last two pattern shakos being ‘28’ within oval shaped laurel sprays; post 1881 examples two bi-metal patterns for the blue cloth helmet (one with slider one with loops), an all gilding metal version of similar size with slider, an officer’s gold embroidered on white ground pattern, a WW2 bakelite issue with blades, an anodised aluminium example and six all gilding metal small examples. The buttons comprise an officer’s small gilt coatee to the 28th, post 1881 Victorian and KC large tunic examples, a small QVC NCOs tunic, large and small bronze examples to the 3rd Volunteer Battalion and a small white metal to the same together with an other ranks pewter coatee button to the East Glamorganshire Local Militia (back mark T. Shaw, Hemmings Row, London), lacks loop fastener, good overall condition (23) £200-300