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Sold on 31 March 2010

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The Collection of Medals formed by The Late John Hillard

John Mackie Hillard


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31 March 2010

Hammer Price:

Turkish Crimea 1855, Sardinian issue (Captain Arthur Burnand, 17th Lancers), contemporary engraved naming, Hunt & Roskell type, with swivel-ring suspension, good very fine and better £150-200

Arthur Burnand purchased a Cornetcy in the 17th Lancers in September 1854, was advanced to Lieutenant at the end of the same year and witnessed active service before Sebastopol during the course of 1855. Returning to the U.K. in September of the latter year, he was advanced to Captain in April 1857, exchanged into the 16th Light Dragoons in February 1858, but was placed on the Retired List a few months later.