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Sold on 16 March 2005

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The Holme, Lincolnshire Hoard of Roman Silver Denarii


This hoard, discovered with the aid of a metal detector on ploughed land at Holme, Lincolnshire by Messrs. J. Robinson and J. Sparks on 25 November 2003, comprised 408 silver denarii and sherds from the lower part of a small grey ware jar or flagon.

A typical early Severan hoard, the coins in it date from very worn examples of the triumvir Mark Antony, issued for his legion just prior to the Battle of Actium in 31 BC, to those minted for Septimius Severus, the latest dated to AD 209. A total of 115 coins were acquired by the British Museum and the balance, offered here in its entirety, returned to the landowner.

Saleroom Notice
On the instructions of the vendor, the Holme (Lincolnshire) Hoard was sold as one lot

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