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Awards to the Medical Services from the Collection of the late Tony Sabell

Anthony Garth Sabell, MBE


№ 1437


21 June 2013

Hammer Price:

The well documented M.V.O., M.B.E. group of five awarded to Miss Rosina Davies, who nursed H.M. King George V during his final illness

The Royal Victorian Order, M.V.O., Member’s 4th Class lady’s shoulder badge, silver-gilt and enamel, reverse officially numbered ‘4L’, mounted ‘bow and tails’, in Collingwood, London case of issue; The Most Excellent Order of the British Empire, M.B.E. (Civil) Member’s 1st type lady’s shoulder badge, silver, hallmarks for London 1928, mounted ‘bow and tails’, in Garrard, London case of issue; Royal Red Cross, 2nd Class (A.R.R.C.) G.V.R., silver and enamel, on bow ribbon, in Garrard, London case of issue; Royal Victorian Medal, G.V.R., silver, on bow ribbon, in Collingwood, London case of issue; Jubilee 1935, silver, on bow ribbon, in damaged card box of issue, these all unnamed; London Hospital Nursing Badge, by John Pinches, silver and enamel, reverse inscribed, ‘Rosina Davies, Feb. 1914-April 1916 July 1918 London Hospital’, in card box of issue, extremely fine (lot) £1000-1200

M.V.O. 4th Class London Gazette 11 May 1937. ‘Miss Rosina Davies, M.B.E., A.R.R.C.’

M.B.E. London Gazette 3 June 1929. ‘Miss Rosina Davies, A.R.R.C., Member of the London Hospital Nursing Staff. For services during His Majesty’s recent illness.’

A.R.R.C. London Gazette 8 March 1929. ‘a member of the London Hospital Nursing Staff in recognition of devoted service ... by her to the King during His recent illness.’

R.V.M. London Gazette 10 April 1926.

Rosina Davies was born in Chester on 15 February 1890. She was received as a Probationer Nurse at the London Hospital on 6 February 1914 and completed her training in July 1918. Her training was performed under the critical eye of Eva Luckes who served as the inspirational Matron of the London Hospital from 1880 until her death in 1919.

Following her period of training Rosina Davies remained at the London Hospital and in 1926 was awarded the R.V.M. in Silver for her work there in nursing Princess Victoria. Remaining at the London Hospital, she was one of the nurses attending King George V who, during 1928-29, was gravely ill with septicaemia. For her services she was awarded the A.R.R.C. and M.B.E.

Rosina Davies was one of the nurses to King George V during his final illness during 1935-36 - her services being rewarded by King George VI with the M.V.O. 4th Class. Interestingly, in the same gazette, is the M.V.O. 4th Class awarded to King George VI’s speech therapist, Lionel Logue.

Miss Rosina Davies, M.V.O., M.B.E., A.R.R.C., R.V.M., S.R.N. died in Worthing on 28 July 1970, aged 81 years.

With M.V.O. 4th Class bestowal document, in glazed frame; London Hospital Certificate of Training, dated 11 July 1918, bearing the signature of Matron Eva Luckes, in glazed frame; College of Nusing Certificate of Registration, dated 10/3/20, with an associated letter - both mounted on card; General Nursing Council for England and Wales Registration Certificate, dated 27 October 1922, in glazed frame; British Red Cross Society Certificate for First Aid, dated 28.3.42, in glazed frame; a fine portrait photograph of Sister Rosina Davies, in uniform, wearing her M.B.E., A.R.R.C. and Jubilee Medal, in glazed frame; a photocopied account of the major illness of King George V, 1928-1929 and an account of the final illness of King George V 1935-1936; together with a folder of copied research.

An exhibit of the above medals by Tony Sabell at the O.M.R.S. Convention of 1980, entitled, ‘A King’s Nurse’, earned the exhibitor a Gold Award.