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Sold on 6 July 2004

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Prize, Training Ship, Nursing & Other Medals from the James N. Spencer Collection

James N Spencer


№ 958


6 July 2004

Hammer Price:

Conway Training Ship Prize Medal, three-masted warship, in exergue; ‘H.M.S. Conway’; reverse: engraved within a wreath of laurel, ‘Hobson Cup, Xmas 1920, J. W. Holgate, Starbd. Fore’, 32mm., silver, by ‘W.J.D.’, hallmarks obscured, unmounted; H.M.S. Worcester & Conway Boat Race Medal, Neptune seated holding trident and shield, two ‘coxed six’ skiffs in the middle distance, and a three-masted warship in the background; reverse: inscription in raised letters (ship and date engraved), H.M.S. “Worcester” & “Conway” Boat Race, won by the “Worcester” crew, 17-6-31’ (R. H. Higgins (stroke)), edge additionally stamped, ‘J.A.R.’ 29mm., silver, hallmarks for Birmingham 1929, ring suspension; H.M.S. Conway Proficiency in Rowing Medal, three-masted warship; reverse engraved, ‘“Conway” v “Worcester” F. D. Stenson, Spare Oar, July 1893’, shield shaped, 40 x 35mm., silver, hallmarks for Birmingham 1892, nearly extremely fine (3) £50-70

The annual Conway-Worcester boat race was first held in 1890.