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Sold on 6 July 2004

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Prize, Training Ship, Nursing & Other Medals from the James N. Spencer Collection

James N Spencer


№ 950


6 July 2004

Hammer Price:

Royal Naval School, New Cross, Cookney Prize Medal 1854, obverse: façade of the school, in the exergue: ‘Royal Naval School, New Cross, Incorporated 1840’; reverse: a wreath of oak and laurel with crown above enclosing the inscription, ‘The Cookney Prize Medal’, around the circumference, ‘For Industry and Good Conduct’ and in small letters, ‘Instd. 1854’ (T. C. A. Fox, 1863), 45mm., silver, good very fine £60-100

The Royal Naval School at New Cross, Kent, was a charitable institution founded in 1844 for educating the sons of less affluent officers of the Royal Navy or Royal Marines, with preference given to those whose fathers had been killed in the service of their country. Sons of civilians were also accepted. Pupils were admitted between the ages of 8 and 14 and received an education which prepared them for university, naval or military service.