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Sold on 6 July 2004

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Prize, Training Ship, Nursing & Other Medals from the James N. Spencer Collection

James N Spencer

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6 July 2004

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Royal Naval College Prize for Gunnery, obverse: cannon and shot with a naval crown above, ‘Prize for Gunnery’; in exergue, ‘Royal Naval College’; reverse: within a wreath of oak leaves is engraved, ‘Awarded to John Richardson at an Examination December 1827’, 36mm., silver, in fitted red leather case of issue, slight edge bruise, very fine £60-80

John Richardson entered the Royal Navy on 3 February 1826, attended the Royal Naval College and passed his examinations in 1832. He obtained his first commission on 6 June 1834. He attained the rank of Commander on 9 May 1839. From 26 December 1840 to the end of 1842 he commanded the steamer Phoenix.