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25 May 2022

Starting at 10:00 AM


Orders, Decorations, Medals and Militaria

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Orders, Decorations, Medals and Militaria (25 May 2022)

Gross Total: £321,815 (£399,051 including buyers' premium)
Number of lots: 650
Sell-through rate: 99.2%
Exchange rate of the GB pound: US $1.25 and €1.17

Principal Lots
Lot no.
38. The DSM pair to PO (M) Patrick Kirwin, RN, £20,000 (£24,800)
34. The DCM group of five to Sgt William Robinson, Durham LI, £15,000 (£18,600)
608-631. A Collection of German Militaria, Part X, £10,350 (£12,834)
287. The NGS medal with clasps Camperdown and Copenhagen 1801 to Cdr William Figg, RN, £9,000 (£11,160)
282. The NGS medal with clasp Off Rota 4 April 1808 to AB James French, RN, ex ‘Jubilee’ and Goddard, £7,500 (£9,300)
22. The DCM and MM group of five to Sgt William Dykes, 2nd Dragoons, £6,500 (£8,060)
363. The Indian Mutiny medal to Assistant-Surgeon Henry Greenhow, 1st Oudh Irregular Cavalry, £6,000 (£7,440)
11. The CB and DSO group of twelve to Major-General Clement West, RE, £5,500 (£6,820)
608. A German Afrika Corps 1st Pattern Field Cap, £5,000 (£6,200)

Saleroom Notices
The following were amendments to the printed catalogue descriptions:
58. Provenance: Capt K.J. Douglas-Morris Collection, DNW February 1997, when the Khedive’s Sudan medal had a single clasp
60. The provenance should be ignored

Withdrawn Lots
The following lots were withdrawn before the auction:

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