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14 April 2021

Starting at 10:00 AM


Orders, Decorations, Medals and Militaria

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Orders, Decorations, Medals and Militaria (14 April 2021)

Gross Total: £781,365 (£968,893 including buyers' premium)
Number of lots: 799
Sell-through rate: 99.4%
Exchange rate of the GB pound: US $1.37 and €1.15

Principal Lots
Lot no.
101. The Great War Victoria Cross group of five awarded to Pte James Towers, 2/Cameronians, £200,000 (£248,000)
467-472. A Small Group of Rare and Important Military General Service Medals, £109,000 (£135,160)
1-100. Medals from the Collection of the Soldiers of Oxfordshire Museum (Part II), £44,895 (£55,670)
468. The MGS medal with Martinique clasp to Major-General John Robns, RM, £28,000 (£34,720)
154-160. A Collection of Medals relating to HMS Zinnia, £22,910 (£28,408)
467. The MGS medal with Benevente clasp to Lt-Gen. John Chester, RA, £20,000 (£24,000)
469. The MGS medal with Chrystler’s Farm clasp to Lt Hector Munro, 49th Foot, £20,000 (£24,000)
208-245. A Collection of Medals to Great War Casualties (Part III), £19,390 (£24,044)
470. The MGS medal with Chrystler’s Farm clasp to Capt John Shand, 89th Foot, £19,000 (£23,560)
159. The DSC group of eight awarded to Cdr Charles Cuthbertson, RNR, ex Penhall, £16,000 (£19,840)
517. The NGS medal with clasp Phoebe 21 Decr 1797 to Midshipman John Joyce, RN, £15,000 (£18,600)
473-479. A Choice Collection of Medals to War Correspondents, £10,330 (£12,809)
175-207. A Collection of Medals to recipients of the 1914 Stat (Part III), £9,980 (£12,375)
472. The MGS medal with Fort Detroit clasp to Major Ebenezer Reynolds, 1/Essex Militia, £12,000 (£14,880)
749. Two identical official photograph frames from the office of Adolf Hitler, £11,000 (£13,640)
471. The MGS medal with clasp Chateauguay to Capt Stephen McKay, Canadian Militia, £10,000 (£12,400)

Saleroom Notices
The following were amendments to the printed catalogue descriptions:
130. A note on his DCM card indicates that a replacement was issued in September 1975 but this may refer only to the Bar. The naming on the DCM offered here is consistent with an original issue. There is a similar notation on the first two MID cards but not on the last one nor on his Medal Index Card
Another contemporarily engraved miniature NGS to this recipient is known to exist.

Withdrawn Lots
The following lot was withdrawn before the auction:

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