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27 & 28 September 2016

Starting at 10:00 AM


Orders, Decorations, Medals and Militaria

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Orders, Decorations, Medals and Militaria (27 & 28 September 2016)

Gross Total £815,935 (£979,122 including buyers' premium)
Number of lots 1,328
Exchange rate of the GB pound US $1.29 and €1.16

Principal Lots
Lot no.

1-313 The Collection of Medals to Welsh Regiments formed by the late Llewellyn Lord, £303,525 (£364,230)
314-502 The Collection of Medals to Musicians formed by the late Llewellyn Lord, £78,470 (£94,164)
503-683 The Collection of Militaria to Welsh Regiments formed by the late Llewellyn Lord, £51,070 (£61,284)
798 The Dunkirk CGM group of three to Acting LS Ronald Thirlwall, HMS Mosquito, £46,000 (£55,200)
1 The Field Officer's Gold Medal for Fort Detroit to Lt-Col Peter La Touche Chambers, CB, 41st Regt, £42,000 (£50,400)
1015 The Naval GS medal with 5 clasps, 1 June 1794, St Vincent, Nile, The Potomac 17 Aug 1814 and Algiers, to QM James Sedeway, RN, ex Whalley, Hyde Greg and D.F. Spink, £26,000 (£31,200)
296 The Waterloo CB group of three to Lt-Col George Muttlebury, 69th Foot, £20,000 (£24,000)
298 The OBE, MC and DCM group of 12 awarded to QM and Lt-Col Edward Parker, Royal Welsh Fusiliers, £13,000 (£15,600)
795 The Light Brigade DCM group of three to Pte J. Whitechurch, 8th Hussars, £13,000 (£15,600)
207 The Waterloo and MGS pair to Col. John Enoch, 23rd Foot, £10,000 (£12,000)
12 The Waterloo Medal to Brevet Major Brooke Pigot, 69th Foot, £9,000 (£10,800)
1013 The Naval GS medal with Endymion Wh President clasp to OS John Atherton, RN, £8,000 (£9,600)

Saleroom Notices
The following were amendments to the printed catalogue descriptions
11 The Regimental Museum hold a medal, without suspension, named to this officer but with most of the naming deliberately struck through
230 The I.G.S. 1895 medal is contemporarily re-engraved, not officially
314 There are at least 3 known surviving examples of the 79th’s regimental medal for gallantry in Egypt out of the 27 or so awarded
544 The badge is split at 7 o’clock between the ‘A’ and ‘R’ of 'Warwick'
805 This is a group of seven, as described
964 The lot now includes Pte Leach’s Soldier’s Small Book and Soldier’s Service and Pay Book
1127 The recipient is not listed in the London Gazette as a casualty. His papers give the date 29 October 1890 under the section for ‘Wounds and Hurts’ so this may refer to an injury rather that a wound received in action
1251 Not subject to 5% import duty

The following lots were withdrawn before the auction:
786, 1029 and 1301

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