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1 October 1996

Starting at 1:00 PM


The R C Bell Collection of British Trade Tokens

The Westbury Hotel  37 Conduit Street  London  W1S 2YF


№ 215


1 October 1996

Hammer Price:

19th Century, Wiltshire, Staverton, J. Jones, Penny, 1811, view of Staverton mill, reverse fleece, edge grained (D. 8 variety). About extremely fine with a hint of original colour, very rare (£200-250)

This lot was sold as part of a special collection, The R C Bell Collection of British Trade Tokens.

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Bell, CCC p.90.

From the same dies as the Gerson specimen (lot 367), the same obverse die illustrated by Davis (pl.E, 7) and the same reverse die illustrated by Robinson (SNC 1981, p.8).

John Jones (†1812), was the proprietor of the Staverton Super-fine Woollen Manufactory, which he erected at the turn of the century. The mill was said to house the very latest in textile technology, and hostilities between Jones and local wool shearmen who feared for their livelihoods reached a peak when Jones was attacked and shot in the face in an incident in 1808. His offer of a £500 reward for the capture of the culprits was never claimed. The mill as depicted on the token burnt down in 1824