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11 & 12 December 2013

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Orders, Decorations, Medals and Militaria

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Orders, Decorations, Medals and Militaria (11 & 12 December 2013)

Gross Total £1,307,635 (£1,569,162 including buyers' premium)
Number of lots 1626
Exchange rate of the GB pound US $1.63 and €1.18

Principal Lots
Lot no.

1123-1255 A Collection of Napoleonic War Medals, £346,840 (£416,208)
1539-1558 The Ron Penhall Collection of Important Awards and Memorabilia of Lawrence of Arabia interest, £123,375 (£148,050)
1256-1283 A Collection of Medals to the Bombay Artillery, £63,140 (£75,768)
1581 The Second World War MC and 2 Bars, DCM group of eight to Lt-Col Thomas Tirrell, RHA, £48,000 (£57,600)
56-189 A Collection of Awards to Merchant Seamen and D.E.M.S. Gunners, £39,155 (£46,986)
1284 The Peninsula War group of three to General Sir Robert Harvey, 53rd Foot, £35,000 (£42,000)
1543 The Boer War and Palestine Operations DSO and Bar, MC group of 14 to Col Walter Stirling, Chief of Staff to Lawrence of Arabia, £32,000 (£38,400)
1148 The Belgian Congo UN Force MC group of 6 to Lt-Col David Edge, Lancashire Regt, £30,000 (£36,000)
275-288 Fine Insignia of the Order of the Bath from the Collection of the late Philip Kitchen, £29,750 (£35,700)
1-55 A Collection of Medals to the Scinde Rifles, £25,890 (£31,068)
1077 The GCMG and KCB insignia awarded to Vice-Admiral Sir Richard Hussey, née Moubray, RN, £25,000 (£30,000)
1106 The Middle East Operations CBE, DSO and Bar and MC group of 14 to Brigadier Edward Cass, KOYLI, £24,000 (£28,800)
1218-1226 Meritorious Service Awards from the Collection of Ian McInnes, £23,720 (£28,464)
1087 Order of the British Empire, Dame Grand Cross breast Star awarded to HRH Princess Mary, the Princess Royal, £23,000 (£27,600)
713 Seringapatam Medal in gold to Brigadier-General Alexander Walker, Bombay Army, £22,000 (£26,400)
1541 The CMG and CBE group of 15 to Lt-Col Frederick Peake Pasha, Arab Legion, £22,000 (£26,400)
193-217 Medals to the RFC and RAF from the Collection formed by the late Sqn. Ldr. David Haller, £21,980 (£26,376)
1157 The Malaya Operations DCM group of 8 to Acting-Sgt W.E. Carruthers, 42 Commando, RM, £20,000 (£24,000)
1278 The Defence of Silistria and Crimean group of five to Major Charles Nasmyth, RHA, £20,000 (£24,000)
1582 The Iraq MC group of six to Cpl M.R. Byles, 1Bn Princess of Wales's Royal Regt, £20,000 (£24,000) 218-251 A Collection of Medals to the Indian Police, £19,525 (£23,430)
1137 The Middle East Operations MC group of 7 to Major Edward Muldoon, SBS, £18,000 (£21,600)
1136 The family group including the North-West Europe Operations MC and DCM set of 6 to Capt George Townsend, Devonshire Regt, £17,000 (£20,400)
786-823 A Collection of New Zealand War Medals, £16,430 (£19,716)
1067 Order of St Patrick, an 18th century oval gold Collar Badge, £16,000 (£19,200)
1209 The Empire Gallantry Medal awarded to Adrian Trapman, Vice-Consul at Addis Ababa, 1936, £16,000 (£19,200)
1085 Royal Order of Victoria and Albert, 3rd class Badge, £15,000 (£18,000)
1116 The Anti U-Boat Operations DSO and DFC group of 9 to Capt Gerald Ormsby, RN, £15,000 (£18,000)
228-257 A Collection of Great War Medals to the Cameron Highlanders, £14,905 (£17,886)
190-227 A Fine Collection of 1914 Stars to the Cavalry, £14,045 (£16,854)
1-70 A Small Collection of Medals to the Wiltshire Regiment, £12,930 (£15,516)
1210 The Northern Ireland Operations QGM group of 4 to Cpl Frank Griffiths, RE, £11,000 (£13,200)
1219 The MGS and Army of India group of 4 to QMS William McGowan, 59th Regt, £11,000 (£13,200)
1102 The CB and Waterloo Medal pair to Lt-Col Henry Kuhlmann, King's German Artillery, £10,000 (£12,000)
1206 The Korea trio to Acting-Cpl Robert Lofthouse, KOYLI, £10,000 (£12,000)
276 Order of the Bath, G.C.B. Knight Grand Cross sash badge, 1814, £7,000 (£8,400)
274 The group of five to Lance-Cpl T.J. Berry, Parachute Regt and SAS, £6,000 (£7,200)
578 Germany, Third Reich, Glider Pilot badge by Jüncker, £5,500 (£6,600)
382 Germany, Third Reich, Knight's Cross of the Iron Cross, 1939, £4,400 (£5,280)
90-116 A Small Collection of Medals to the Dorsetshire Regiment, £5,220 (£6,264)
281 Order of the Bath, K.C.B., Knight Commander's set of insignia, 1815, £4,100 (£4,920)
259 Order of the Indian Empire, K.C.I.E. Knight Commander's set of insignia, £4,000 (£4,800)
258 Order of the Star of India, C.S.I., Companion's neck badge, £3,800 (£4,560)

Saleroom Notices
The following were amendments to the printed catalogue descriptions
242 All medals have the service number '6096'
420 The Armoured Train Corps badge is a reproduction
507 The miniature French Medal of Honour is detached from its suspension
614 Lot as described, includes the top left hand badge from image of Lot 616
616 As described but excluding top left hand badge from the image
711 This is an unmarked privately purchased piece
746 An old collector's number '542' impressed near the clip, the naming is possibly later and other examples are known named to this recipient
769 The reverse is dated 1864 to 1866
936 A full group of medals to this recipient is held by the Gloucestershire Regimental Museum
941 Rank is Qr. Mr. Sgt.
1313 The Queen's Sudan medal has officially impressed naming of the correct type for the period and is believed to be as issued
1541 The Syrian Order of Merit is 1st type and the awards described as of Hejaz are Transjordan issues
1591 The recipient was also entitled to the Territorial Force War Medal
95 The South Africa 1902 clasp is not confirmed on the roll
211 Includes the recipient's Defence Medal, 4 pieces in the lot
273 Sold with Operational Service Medal 2000, 1 clasp, Afghanistan (24430353 Cpl R Gray, RLC), 6 pieces in the lot
400 A third medal is known to this recipient, not marked as a replacement
835 The footnote details do not relate to this man but to another of the same name who fought at Waterloo
938 Not entitled to Relief of Chitral 1895 clasp
1101 The recipient’s surname is ‘Walmsley’. He is confirmed in the Corps history as having served as a Queen’s Messenger from 1964 to 1982, and as having messenger badge ‘No 84’. Capt Walmsley died in 1992
1134 Sold with copied research
1381 Sold with copied research
1382 Sold with copied research
1383 Sold with copied research

The following lots were withdrawn before the auction:
399, 708, 725, 860, 1182, 1204, 946 and 1049

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