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13 & 14 September 2012

Starting at 10:00 AM


Orders, Decorations, Medals and Militaria

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Orders, Decorations, Medals and Militaria (13 & 14 September 2012)

Gross Total £1,067,575 (£1,281,090 including buyers' premium)
Number of lots 1097
Exchange rate of the GB pound US $1.62 and €1.23

Principal Lots
Lot no.

993-1014 Exceptional Naval and Polar Awards from the Collection of R.C. Witte, £170,980 (£205,176)
265-428 The Collection of Medals to the Medical Services formed by the late Tony Sabell (Part I), £117,890 (£141,468)
1015 The CB and Army Gold Cross group of four to Col John Galiffe, 60th Rifles, ex Gould, £62,000 (£74,400)
564-635 Awards to the Indian Army from the Collection of A.M. Shaw (Part I), £59,855 (£71,826)
454-468 A Fine Collection of Awards to the RFC, RNAS and RAF, £59,620 (£71,544)
455 The DSO, MC and 2 Bars group of four to Capt J. Gilmour, RAF, £40,000 (£48,000)
999 The Murmansk 1919 Operations and Shackleton 1914-16 Expedition OBE, DSC group of twelve to Cdr Joseph Stenhouse, RNR, £30,000 (£36,000)
801 The Peninsula, Waterloo and Burma group of four to Col-Sgt Cottrell Little, 44th Foot, £23,000 (£27,600)
2 HEIC Medal for Mysore, gold, £22,000 (£26,400)
803 A Peninsula and Waterloo group of three to Capt John Budgeon, 95th Rifles, ex Gould, £22,000 (£26,400)
1018 The First Afghan War CB group of four to Lt-Col Joseph Simmons, 41st Foot, ex Gould, £22,000 (£26,400)
997 The Great War Q-ship DSO and Bar group of five to Capt Francis Grenfell, RN, £21,000 (£25,200)
25 Field Officer's Gold Medal for Vittoria with 2 clasps to Col. George Zulke, 2nd Caçadores, ex Gould, £19,000 (£22,800)
998 The North Russia Operations DSO and Bar group of seven to Cdr Patrick Edwards, RNVR, £19,000 (£22,800)
24 Military GS medal with 13 clasps to Cpl Henry Backefeld, 1st Hussars, KGL, ex Gould, £17,000 (£20,400)
563 Iranian Embassy Siege and Falklands group of five to W.O. John Thompson, SAS, £17,000 (£20,400)
800 The 3-bar Army of India and 9-bar Military GS pair to Sgt James Stewart, 94th Foot, £17,000 (£20,400)
107 Zulu War medal with 1878-9 clasp to Acting Commissariat Officer James Hamer, a survivor of Isandhlwana, £15,000 (£18,000)
748 Chinese orders and awards to Thomas Manners, Commissioner of Posts, China, £15,000 (£18,000)
314 MM group of four to Miss Lilian Forse, VAD, £13,000 (£15,600)
1004 The East Africa Operations DSC group of three to Surgeon-Lt Alexander Wollaston, RN, £13,000 (£15,600)
1007 The South Russia Operations DSC group of seven to Cdr Bernard Littledale, RN, £13,000 (£15,600)
1008 The Great War MC and CGM group of five to Temporary Lt Frederick Stear, RNVR, £13,000 (£15,600)

Saleroom Notices
The following were amendments to the catalogue descriptions
38 Fitted with replacement suspension
279 Sold with bestowal document for the OBE
307 First group sold with award document for the Serving Brother's badge
430 Recipient also entitled to 1914 Star trio
433 Recipient entitled to Mons clasp
445 The fourth line of the footnote should read 92 Jerseymen, not Channel Islanders
749 The items are of recent manufacture
800 The MGS has 10 clasps, including Toulouse
803 The second line of the footnote refers to medals in the Rifle Brigade museum, whereas both groups remain in the possession of descendants
811 Sold with the medal in Lot 97 as a group of three
943 Sold with the medal in Lot 521
996 'HMS' does not appear as part of the naming on the Polar Medal
1094 The recipient is said to have been wounded at Dunkirk but this has not been confirmed
1098 According to official records the recipient was awarded Virtuti Militari Cross no. 9636; the Cross no. 9568 was awarded to Mieczyslaw Klisiewicz

The following lots were withdrawn before the auction:
97, 269, 311, 521, 641 and 1099

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