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24 & 25 June 2009

Starting at 2:00 PM


Orders, Decorations and Medals

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Orders, Decorations and Medals (24 & 25 June 2009)

Gross Total: £914,705 (£1,097,646 including buyers’ premium)
Number of lots 1066
Exchange rate of the GB pound US $1.63 and €1.17

Principal Lots
Lot no.
1-310 The Collection of Medals formed by the late Clive Nowell, £474,625 (£569,550)
311-593 Long Service Medals from the Collection formed by John Tamplin (Part IV), £92,365 (£110,838)
884-902 A Collection of British South Africa Company 1890-97 Medals, £40,650 (£48,780)

249 Zeebrugge Raid CGM and Q-Ship DSM group of nine to PO David Smith, RN, £26,000 (£31,200)
1012 Tel-el-Kebir CGM group of four to Sgt Harry Henry, RMLI, £19,000 (£22,800)
176 Light Brigade charger’s Crimea group of three to Major William Graham, 6th Dragoon Guards, £17,000 (£20,400)
902 Great War DSO group of seven to Major Caryl ap Rhys Price, RFA, £8,800 (£10,560)
5 Naval GS, one clasp Trafalgar, to Christopher Halfpenny, LM, HMS Temeraire, £7,800 (£8,970)

Saleroom Notices
The following were amendments to the catalogue descriptions
Lot no.
44 The naming is engraved in a slightly later style; another medal is known to this recipient. Estimate £400-500
195 The Egypt medal is named ‘W. Fiddler’
252 The MC is to Capt Richard Henry Wilson, 82 Punjabis, whose services are as per the footnote. The IGS was awarded to Capt Robert Hamilton Birch Wilson, 2-9th Gurkha Rifles, who was killed in action on 1 March 1920. His medal should not have the clasp for North West Frontier 1930-31 but should have additional clasps for Mahsud 1919-20 and Waziristan 1919-21. He is further entitled to a Great War pair with MID for service in Mesopotamia. Sold as viewed; estimate £400-500
326 Was sold with Lot 336
336 See above
343 The recipient's entitlement to the Korea and Malaya medals is not confirmed
648 The medal has the clasp for Tambunan
694 Sold with two original bestowal documents for CMG (1950) and KBE (1961) to Anthony Bernard Killick
781 The epaulettes are those of the Military Knights of Windsor and not those of a Gentleman-at-Arms
803 The majority of pieces are hallmarked London 1893, but two knives and 10 forks are London 1894, two forks London 1890 and one knife London 1904
876 The standard issue of these 'wings' was worn by officers of the RNR and RNVR who were attached to the RNAS
994 The recipient apparently served with No 848 Squadron ‘B’ Flight aboard the RFA Olna and not the Atlantic Conveyor

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