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2 December 2009

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Orders, Decorations and Medals

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Orders, Decorations and Medals (2 December 2009)

Gross Total £644,190 (£773,028 including buyers’ premium)
Number of lots 661
Exchange rate of the GB pound US $1.66 and €1.10

Principal Lots
Lot no.

660 The Falklands MM group of seven to Capt Ian Bailey, 3 Para, £70,000 (£84,000)
1-97 A Collection of Medals to the Indian Army, the property of a retired Indian Army officer, £63,475 (£76,170)
582 The GCB and Army Gold Medal group to General Sir George Anson, Light Cavalry Brigade, £50,000 (£60,000)
625 The 'Kassassin' CGM group of nine to Colour-Sgt Benjamin White, RMA, £21,000 (£25,200)
454 The Peninsula War Gold Medal group offour to Major Charles Campbell, 26th Foot, £18,000 (£21,600)
585 The CB, DSO and DSC and Bar group of nine to Rear-Admiral Christopher Jellicoe, RN, £14,000 (£16,800)
98-133 A Collection of Medals awarded to those having the surname 'Lyon', £11,770 (£14,124)
150 Waterloo Medal to Lt John F. Breton, RHA, £10,500 (£12,600)
322-360 Ribbons from the Collection of the late Judge Henry Pownall, £5,130 (£6,156)

Saleroom Notices
The following were amendments to the catalogue descriptions
Lot no.
24 Havildar Surdar Khan is named on the roll of the 13th Bombay NI as being entitled to the clasp for Central India only (I/Mil/5/10830)
194 Recipient not entitled to the Benin 1897 clasp
260 There is some damage to the green enamel in the wreath
603 The Africa GS medal is named to the 18th, not 8th, Hussars as catalogued
624 Only three DCMs to the RFA for Murmansk Command, not North Russia as a whole
651 Only three MMs to the RAMC for Murmansk Command, not North Russia as a whole

The following lots were withdrawn before the auction:
85 and 530.

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