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1 December 1993

Hammer Price:

A Thiepval M.M. group of four awarded to 2nd LieutenantJ. Pilgrim, Middlesex Regiment

MILITARY MEDAL, G.V.R. (2949 Sjt., 12/Middx. R.); 1914-15 STAR (G.2949 Cpl. Middx. R.); BRITISH WAR AND VICTORY MEDALS, M.I.D. (2. Lieut.) court mounted, medals plated, otherwise very fine (4)

The following extract was taken from 'The 54th Infantry Brigade 1914-1918', Chapter VI, 'Thiepval': 'Among those in the same battalion awarded the M.M. were:- SergeantJ. Pilgrim, of whom Colonel Maxwell wrote: 'When the three officers on battalion headquarters and the Regimental Sergeant-Major were killed, he acted as my 'staff' and was invaluable. He is perfectly cool under fire, and I was able to send him first to report on one flank and then another, knowing that I could rely on his information.'

Pilgrim was commissioned 2nd Lieutenant in the Middlesex Regiment on 27 June 1917.