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№ 369


20 October 1993

Hammer Price:

A scarce group of five to Major J.M. Maitland, North Irish Horse, Special Air Service Regiment and Ulster Defence Regiment

1939-45 STAR; ITALY STAR; DEFENCE AND WAR MEDALS; CAMPAIGN SERVICE 1962, 1 clasp, Northern Ireland (Major, UDR) mounted as worn together with bullion S.A.S. badge, very fine

John Mullin Maitland served in the ranks of the North Irish Horse (T.A.) He obtained an Emergency Commission in the R.A.C. and was commissioned into the Royal Horse Guards, as 2nd Lieutenant in May 1943. Having completed selection he transferred to the Special Air Service Regiment on 8 November 1944, and served with 2 SAS. in Northern Italy and the Balkans. The operations in Italy included classic raiding activity behind the German lines, whereas work in the Balkans involved helping to organise partisan activities under S.O.E. co-ordination. After a brief operation in Norway, to disarm thousands of German troops, the wartime S.A.S. regiments returned to U.K. and were disbanded on 8 October 1945. Maitland relinquished his commission on the grounds of disability and was granted the rank of Hon. Lieutenant. Maitland rejoined the army as Lieutenant in the R.A.O.C. in 1951, and resigned in 1959 with the rank of Captain. He was back in uniform again 11 years later being granted a Major's commission in the newly raised Ulster Defence Regiment, 1 April 1970. He was placed on the Unposted List on 21 August 1972, moving over to the Reserve on 7 July 1977. Sold with full confirmation and research.