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№ 951


6 October 1993

Hammer Price:

Italy, NAPLES Carlini col tosone (2), crowned bust type, sigla R both sides, rosette below fleece, and laureate bust type, no sigla letter; Mezzo Carlino, sigla A, reads VIRTER, very fine and toned, exJ.D.A. Thompson (642); Cinquina (3), two with rosettes, one with open 8-foil mark; 2 Cavalli con ritratto, 2 pellets on reverse, fine, ex IDA. Thompson (642) (Cag. 013, 048, P4 var, Q28, Q31 (2), T22; CNI XIX, pl.xv, 15, 18, and p1. xvi, 2,3,6,12); Queen Giovanna with Charles V (1516-1519), Grano (Cag. Cl; CNI XIX, pl.xii, 17). Except as described, fine and better, some silver toned (8)