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№ 765


14 November 2018

Hammer Price:

Henry III (1216-1272), Long Cross coinage, Pennies (9), all Canterbury, class IIIa2, Nicole, hicole on cant, 1.46g/8h (CT 78; S 1362A); class IIIb (2), both Gilbert, gilbert on can, 1.40g/12h, 1.14g/3h (CT 111; S 1363); class Vf (2), Robert, robert on cant, 1.42g/4h (CT 562; S 1372), Willem, willem on cant, 1.29g/3h (CT 571; S 1372); class Vg (3), all Willem, willem on cant, 1.49g/11h, 1.48g/5h, 1.05g/6h (CT 680, 682; S 1373); uncertain class, Robert, 1.00g/7h [9]. Varied state, one plugged, another cracked £150-£200

This lot was sold as part of a special collection, A Collection of Short Cross and Long Cross Pennies.

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Provenance: First bt L. Bennett; second bt A. Gillis; fourth bt A. Wilson