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№ 756


14 November 2018

Hammer Price:

Henry III (1216-1272), Short Cross coinage, Pennies (6), class VIIb1 (3), London, Elis, elis on lvnde, 1.37g/3h (SCBI Mass 2023-4; N 979A; S 1356B), Canterbury (2), Osmund, oshvnd on can, 1.47g/10h (SCBI Mass 1996 var.; N 979A; S 1356B), Simun, simvn on cant, 1.37g/10h (SCBI Mass 2005; N 979A; S 1356B); class VIIb4, Canterbury, Ioan, ioan [– –]anter, 1.37g/11h (SCBI Mass –; N 979D; S 1356B); class VIIc1 (2), both London, Adam, adah on lvnd, 1.37g/5h (SCBI Mass 2088; N 980A; S 1356C), Ledulf, ledvlf on lvn, 1.43g/11h (SCBI Mass 2095 var.; N 980A; S 1356C) [6]. Varied state, fourth overstruck £200-£300

This lot was sold as part of a special collection, A Collection of Short Cross and Long Cross Pennies.

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