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№ 3085


3 October 2018

Hammer Price:

Edward VII, Coronation, 1902, a gold medal by E. Fuchs for Elkington, conjoined busts of Edward and Alexandra right, rev. Britannia seated right, resting right arm on shield dated 26 june 1902, Westminster Abbey in background, 20mm, 6.76g (cf. W & E 4205A.11; cf BHM 3772; cf. E 1870). Edge bruise at 11 o’clock on reverse, otherwise very fine, extremely rare with this date £1,000-1,200

The cataloguer has found only two other examples of this type, both dated 9 August 1902. The original ceremony which was scheduled for 26 June, had to be postponed when, on 24 June, Edward was diagnosed with appendicitis