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№ 3375


3 October 2018

Hammer Price:

18th Century Tokens, LONDON, Bishopsgate, Schooling & Son, Halfpenny, 1795, 11.12g/6h (DH 474); City Road, Thomas Hall, Halfpence (2), 1795, 9.22g/6h (DH 313), undated, 9.34g/6h (DH 319c); Strand, Jasper and Simon Kelly, Halfpenny, 8.99g/6h (DH 345), Gilbert Pidcock, Farthing, elephant, rev. cockatoo, 3.37g/6h (DH 1067a); Lutwyche’s Duke of York Halfpenny, 9.10g/6h (DH 985) [6]. Extremely fine and better, all except last with considerable original colour £120-150