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№ 3155


3 October 2018

Hammer Price:

FRANCE, Science Bonté, 1901, a uniface cast bronze plaque by A.-L.-M. Charpentier, three patients lying in hospital beds, that in the foreground being examined by Dr Pierre Potain, 207 x 99mm (Maier 151; PBE –, but cf. 156; Coll. R. Marx –, but cf. 257; ANS Exh. Cat. 1910, –; BDM –, but cf. I, 411). Extremely fine and attractively patinated, extremely rare £700-1,000

Pierre-Carl-Édouard Potain (1825-1901), cardiovascular physician, renowned for his kindly bedside manner at the Hôpital de la Charitie in Paris. This plaque was designed to mark the retirement of Potain from practice in 1900, but Potain died before work on it was completed