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№ 3066


3 October 2018

Hammer Price:

Royal Naval School, New Cross, Cookney Prize Medal, 1854, a pair of silver clichés, each 45mm; Scotch Railway Strike, 1890-91, a silver badge by H. Wilkie, Glasgow, 24mm; Dorking Fine Art Exhibition, 1899, a copper award medal, named (C.W. Collins, Models, 1st), 39mm (Allen Pt I); Centenary of the Battle of Trafalgar, 1905, a white metal medal by Spink, 32mm (BHM 3923), a bronze medal, 29mm (BHM 3924) and a bronze medalet, 17mm; Mond Nickel Company, 25th Anniversary, 1925, a nickel medal by P. Metcalfe, 45mm; Liverpool Seamen’s Friend Society, a bronze medal by Vaughton, 38mm; TRINIDAD & TOBAGO, Civil Aviation, a uniface white metal badge, undated, 75 x 50mm [10]. Varied state, one pierced; two in cases £150-200