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3 October 2018

Hammer Price:

Naval Reward, 1649, a small oval struck silver medal by T. Simon, shields of England and Ireland supported from the beam of an anchor, ropework around, mervisti, rev. Speaker sat at centre of assembled Parliament, 24 x 21mm, 7.38g, SG 10.394 (Lessen, BNJ 1981, pp.112-13, and pl. vii, 1; MI I, 390/12; Platt II, p.333, type B; Hayward et al, British Battles & Medals 10; MH 33; E 179). Extremely fine and toned, extremely rare, probably only six specimens known; with clip and ring for suspension £2,400-3,000

In 1648, following a revolt in the parliamentary fleet, a number of ships went to Helvoetsluys and were organised as a royalist squadron by Prince Rupert. Subsequently Rupert took most of the fleet to Ireland, leaving behind two vessels, one for lack of manpower and the other, the Antelope, because she was mainly disarmed. In April 1649 the Council of State ordered the destruction of the 450-ton Antelope and the following month an expedition under the command of Lt Stephen Rose successfully surprised and burnt the vessel as she lay at anchor, in violation of Dutch territorial waters. Those who participated in the exploit were rewarded with medals and cash prizes. Medals by Thomas Simon were designed and struck in late 1649 (O.S.) and likely issued early in 1650 (Lessen, BNJ 1981, pp.112-13; Platt, pp.339-40)