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№ 76


12 February 1997

Hammer Price:

Three: Egypt and Sudan 1882-89, 1 clasp, Alexandria 11th July (W. H. Wale, Sh. Stewds Asst. H.M.S. “Bittern”); Royal Navy L.S. & G.C., V.R., narrow suspension (W. H. Wale, Sh. St. 3rd Cl. H.M.S. Orwell) impressed naming; Khedive’s Star 1882, some very light pitting, otherwise very fine (3)

This lot was sold as part of a special collection, The Douglas-Morris Collection of Naval Medals.

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William Wale was born in Beach, Lowestoft, Suffolk on 13 December 1859. He joined the service at the Naval Barracks as a Ship’s Steward’s Boy on 26 October 1875. Whilst serving aboard OPAL (1876-80) he was advanced to Ship’s Steward’s Assistant in December 1877, and later aboard BITTERN (1881-86) was made a Ship’s Steward 3rd Class in March 1884. Service afloat in Egyptian waters aboard BRITON during 1882 earned him a dated medal with clasp ‘Alexandria 11th July’. Whilst aboard ORWELL (1886-88) he became a Ship’s Steward 2nd Class, and later aboard CALYPSO (1888-91) he rose to the rate of Ship’s Steward in July 1889. After serving aboard SUPERB (1892-94) he was pensioned to shore on 15 December 1897. He was never awarded a Long Service & Good Conduct Medal. He was called up on 2 August 1914 as a Ship's Steward, and served aboard the Royal Fleet Auxiliary ZARIA (hired Store Carrier until April 1915, then converted to an Auxiliary Patrol Depot Ship) from January 1915 until demobilised in April 1919. Entitled to the British War Medal as Victualing Chief Petty Officer.