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12 May 1993

Hammer Price:

A good immediate M.M. for Italy awarded to Rifleman Kulbahadur Gurung, 2/4th P.W.O. Gurkha Rifles

MILITARY MEDAL, G.VI.R. (4630 Rfmn., 4 G.R.) officially engraved naming in upright capitals, lacking suspension, otherwise nearly very fine

M.M., London Gazette, 26th October, 1944: 'In recognition of gallant and distinguished services in Italy.' The following information was extracted from official sources:'Rifleman Kulbahadur Gurung was a member of the left assault section of a fighting patrol sent forward in daylight on 3rd June, 1944 to find out whether the enemy had evacuated positions on the Ortona sector. The enemy's forward posts were found to be unoccupied, but when the section penetrated deeper into the positions with Rifleman Kulbahadur Gurung and another man leading, the enemy opened heavy M.G. fire, killing the latter. The firing apparently aroused some Germans in a dug-out a short distance ahead of Rifleman Kulbahadur Gurung and he killed two of them as they manned an adjoining slit trench. Two more Germans bolted from the dug-out and Rifleman Kulbahadur Gurung dropped them as they ran away. Oblivious to heavy M.G. fire he had accounted for four of the enemy with rifle fire from the standing position, knowing that his position would be obstructed had he lain down to fire but was himself wounded in the head and legs. Though ordered by his Section Commander to go back to a place of safety he refused to leave until his section withdrew after evacuating other casualties. Rifleman Kulbahadur Gurung's coolness under heavy fire and his fortitude when wounded inspired those around him.'

39 M.M's to the 4th Gurkha Rifles, 1939-45.