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12 May 1993

Hammer Price:

An immediate M.M. for an action in the East Mayu, Arakan, awarded to Sepoy Khitab, 10th Baluchis

MILITARY MEDAL, G.VI.R. (23946 Sepoy, 10 Baluch R.) very fine

M.M., London Gazette, 22nd March, 1945: 'In recognition of gallant and distinguished services in Burma.' The following information was extracted from official sources: 'In the East Mayu, Arakan on 25th October, 1944, Sepoy Khitab was one of the members of a patrol sent out to discover if a certain feature was occupied by the Japanese ... As they neared the top of the hill feature they came across barbed wire and as they were doing so they came under small arms fire and grenades from three directions.One of the N.C.O's was badly wounded in both legs and was unable to walk. Although exposed to enemy fire, Sepoy Khitab, showing a total disregard for his own safety, crawled forward and applied field dressings to the wounded N.C.O. He then carried him on his back to the bottom of the hill: most of the way having to crawl on hands and feet. And then some 300 yards beyond, until well out of danger. This Sepoy's action saved the N.C.O. from the almost certain fate of falling into enemy hands.'

Sepoy Khitab, a Pathan, was from the village of Lahor in the Mardan district. He was serving with the 16th Battalion of the 10th Baluch Regiment at the time of the above related action, it forming part of the 25th Indian Division, 15th Indian Corps.

63 M.M.'s to the 10th Baluch Regiment, 1939-45.