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16 October 1996

Hammer Price:

Three: Baltic 1854-55 (Jas. Baker, Sergt. R.M.L.I.) contemporary engraved naming; Royal Navy L.S. & G.C., V.R., narrow suspension (Jas. Baker, Sergt. 22nd Co R.M.L.I.) engraved naming; Royal Marine Meritorious Service Medal, E.VII.R. (Jas. Baker, Sergt., Gosport 22nd Co. R.M.L.I. 11th Septr. 1909) impressed naming, the first two with light contact marks, very fine, thee last nearly extremely fine and rare (3)

This lot was sold as part of a special collection, The Douglas-Morris Collection of Naval Medals.

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Approximately 40 Edward VII Royal Marine M.S.M.’s awarded.
Enlisted on 25 November 1854, in Portsmouth Dision, aged 18 years, born Andover, Hants. Participated on the Baltic station early in his service career aboard H.M.S. HASTINGS, serving aboard from February 1855 until 15th May 1856, with the notation on his papers as having been "under fire at Sweaborg". Promoted to Corporal in March 1861 and to Sergeant on 1st April 1865. During his 21 years service he served some nine years afloat aboard H.M.Ships BLENHEIM, HANNIBAL and ASIA (1856-1861) and H.M.S. BOSCOWEN (1865-1867). Pensioned and awarded his LS & GC medal on 30th November 1875.

It is worthy of mention that there is a 54 year span between the time he earned his first campaign medal and the promulgation of his final honorary award, at a time when he had been a pensioner for nearly 34 years. Annuity commenced 11 September 1909.