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№ 227


16 October 1996

Hammer Price:

Ashantee 1873-74, no clasp (R. Triggs, Captns. Coxn. H.M.S. Amethyst. 73-74) good very fine

This lot was sold as part of a special collection, The Douglas-Morris Collection of Naval Medals.

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Reuben Triggs was born at Portsea, Hants 9 January 1838. Joined the service aboard H.M.S. VICTORY as Boy 2nd Class on 3 November 1853. Served aboard H.M.S. VULTURE as a Boy and Ord from February 1855 to June 1856, thereby becoming entitled to Baltic Medal. Joined H.M.S. OCTAVIA 9 September 1865 as an Able Seaman, advanced to Sailmaker's Mate in July 1867 and ultimately became Captain's Coxswain on 20 September 1867, in which duty he thus served Commodore 1st Class Leopold G. Heath (Commander of OCTAVIA) who held the post of Senior Naval Officer at Annesley Bay during the Abyssinian Campaign of 1867- 1868. Drafted to H.M.S. AMETHYST as P.O. 1st Class (Captain's Coxswain) for the period of one year commencing 6 July 1873. Pensioned to shore in March 1876, seemingly without an award of the LS & GC medal. He re-entered as an A.B. (Pensioner) in May 1877 aboard H.M.S. ASIA but was discharged dead from her on 20 September 1882.