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16 October 1996

Hammer Price:

India General Service 1854-95, 1 clasp, Persia (F. Warden, Midn. Semiramis, S.F.) contact marks, otherwise very fine

This lot was sold as part of a special collection, The Douglas-Morris Collection of Naval Medals.

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Frederick Warden was born on 6 September 1835 at Calcutta. During the period 1851-52 he was employed at Canal Iron Works, London, acquainting himself with the nature of marine steam engines and machinary generally, reported upon as affording promise of efficient service as a Naval Officer. Accordingly he joined the Indian Navy as a Midshipman in March 1852, and in June was appointed to serve aboard HASTINGS. In November 1854 he took part in the operations at El Kaliff Bay and commanded CLIVE’s 2nd cutter in the attack on the enemy on 21 January 1855. On 9 October that year he captured a slaver with slaves and treasure aboard. During the Persian War he was present at the attacks on Bushire and Mohamra whilst aboard SEMIRAMIS, being promoted to Mate on 15 September 1857.

During the Indian Mutiny, as an Acting Lieutenant, he was first stationed with No 1 Detachment as Subaltern to Lieutenant M. A. Sweny (see Lot 155). This Detachment of the Naval Brigade guarded Fort William, Warden serving with it from January until November 1857 when he was transferred to command No 6 Detachment at Port Blair, overseeing the newly created convict establishment. Warden brought with him fifty additional men to increase his new Detachment’s strength up to one hundred. In early 1859, one hundred and fifty Punjabi convicts formed a plan for murdering the Europeans, and succeeded in seizing the sailor’s barracks and the schooners CHARLOTTE and SESOSTRIS, but were overpowered by Warden’s men after a short struggle. He held this appointment until March 1859. During 1860 Warden, along with about twenty other Officers were sent to the U.K. suffering from either sickness or wounds. He was posted in January 1867 to be 3rd Assistant Master Attendant at Calcutta Dockyard where, by 1879, he had risen to the position of Dockyard Master Attendant in Charge. In 1882 he became Port Officer, Rangoon, from which occupation he retired on 6 September 1890, after 38 years of Government Service.