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№ 311


1 October 1996

Hammer Price:

Miscellaneous, Modern Fabrications of Trade Tokens (8), viz. Cornwall, Redruth, Scorrier House, Penny, 1811, a reproduction made c.1980 for tourists; Wendron, Poldark Mine, Halfpenny, 1985, similar designs to preceding, struck for sale at Poldark Museum; Hampshire, Newport (I.o.W.), R.B. Wilkins, Halfpenny, 1792, a cast copy made for Vectis Coins, Totland, I.o.W., in the mid-1980s, in plastic holder of issue; Shropshire, Coalbrook Dale, Reynolds & Co, Halfpenny, 1792, a modern copy made for sale at the Ironbridge Gorge Museum, Telford; Suffolk, Haverhill, J. Fincham, Halfpenny, 1784 (sic), a bright bronze imitation struck in 1984 for the 200th anniversary of Gurtex (cf. Glendining 4 June 1992, lots 313-14); Warwickshire, J. Wilkinson series, Halfpenny, 1790, ‘Vulcan’ type, copper, a post-War reproduction (Bell, BNJ 1978, p.118, this piece), and uniface reverses from the same die (2), in brass (Bell, ST p.243 and BNJ 1978, p.117), the latter struck in 1947 for ORCo, Cincinnatti, USA. [8]. Very fine and better (£20-30)

This lot was sold as part of a special collection, The R C Bell Collection of British Trade Tokens.

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1st bt. 1983; 2nd bt. 1995; better uniface ‘Vulcan’ a gift from Farnell, 1973, and illustrated in BNJ 1978, p.117; other uniface ‘Vulcan’ = Bell, ST p.243.

Of the Haverhill issue for Gurtex, 4 were struck in 22ct gold and 20 in silver. The uniface ‘Vulcans’ (and possibly the double-sided piece) were struck to the order of Edward West, a representative for ORCo, the Osborne Register Co of Cincinnatti, Ohio. It is said that only about 12 uniface’Vulcans’ were made before the die was destroyed